What are computer glasses?

We are in a new generation where we use a lot of our time looking at “computer distance” — namely anything within arm’s length. Because single vision distance glasses are made to insure clarity at distance, using that same full strength prescription at a near distance is too strong resulting in eye fatigue, eye strain and possibly headaches. We specialize in prescribing computer glasses and recommend blue-blocking anti-reflective coating for those who range from mild-moderate eyestrain and blue-blocking filters (BB Lenses) for those who range from moderate-severe eyestrain. We’ve gotten such raving feedback from these lenses that we feel it’s our duty to present to everyone who uses their eyes in front of the computer, tablets and/or phone for more than a couple hours everyday.

I ordered glasses/sunglasses/contact lenses, where are they?

Glasses and Sunglasses can take up to 2 weeks (progressives up to 3 weeks) from the date you ordered them. We will email or call you when they are ready (please make sure to give us an email you check occasionally and check your voicemail).

Contact lenses can take anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

If you haven’t heard from us 2-3 weeks upon placing the order, please call us.

Do you provide same-day service for glasses?

Yes, in some cases. As long as we have the lenses to edge in stock and the frames that you’d like in stock we are able to provide same-day service.

What if I made an appointment but can’t make it?

When you make an appointment, we are committing our time slot to you and only you. When you don’t show, we lose the privilege of taking care of another patient. We send emails and do phone reminder calls to make sure you don’t forget your appointment. We won’t threaten you with a cancellation fee so please return the courtesy and let us know if you aren’t able to make an appointment, even if it’s last minute. We turn away patients to honor the time commitment we made but if we know you won’t be showing up, we can then open it up to other patients who are on a same day waiting list.

Which vision insurances do you accept?

We currently accept VSP, MES, Cigna, EyeMed, Medicare, Medi-cal, and some PPO.

What is included in On Wilshire Optometry’s comprehensive exam?

The comprehensive exam we do is very thorough. We check:

  • Eye teaming ability
  • Accommodation ability (Focusing)
  • Depth Perception
  • Color Vision Screening
  • Eye Pressure (glaucoma check)
  • Refraction (glasses prescription)
  • Eye Health check (front & back of the eye)
  • Dilation
  • Trial frame (to make sure you like your new glasses prescription)

I already know which contact lens prescription I want, am I required to do a contact lens exam even though my contact lens prescription is expired?

“Federal regulation sets a one year date [expiration].” – FDA.gov

“Selling contact lens without a current contact lens is “violating FTC regulations by selling you contact lenses without having your prescription.” – FDA.gov

Mainly we are checking to make sure your cornea (the front of your eye) is still healthy and that the current contact lens are still healthy and fitting correctly on your eye. We will also update your contact lens prescription so it’ll be the clearest and the best binocular vision since prescription sometimes fluctuate without the patient’s noticing which can lead to avoidable eyestrain or headaches. Basically, you’re going to spend money on contact lenses and we are trying to make sure that you’re investing in the correct prescription that is optimal for your eyes.

Our contact lens fitting includes:

  • All follow up exams
  • Trial Contact lenses
  • Eye health check (specifically for contact lens wear)
  • Fit of the contact lenses on the eyes (making sure it lets your eyes breath & is healthy)
  • Refracting with the contact lenses on to make sure it’s the perfect prescription

What if I have medical insurance that covers vision exams?

We do not have contracts with medical insurances so you would pay for the vision exam out-of-pocket and then fill out an out-of-network form that your medical insurance provides to get reimbursed. Since all medical insurances are different, you should check with your medical insurance for the reimbursement rate and the procedure for getting reimbursed.

Can I schedule an appointment?

Absolutely! We prefer scheduling on the phone, please call us.

I haven’t received the Patient History Form through email yet, can you send it to me?

Please click on this link and fill it out.