Our Team

Dr. Cho

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Dr. Cho knew she wanted to be an optometrist since she was in 8th grade. After having trouble seeing the board at school, she went to an optometrist to get glasses. When she got her first pair of glasses it made a world of a difference. Right then she knew she wanted to do the same for others.

Dr. Cho went to UCLA for undergraduate then to Southern California College of Optometry where she had rotations in the VA Los Angeles Ambulatory Center and Optometric Center in Los Angeles.

Dr. Griffiths

Dr. Liann Griffiths received her doctorate from Western University of Health Sciences – College of Optometry. She completed her undergraduate studies from California State University of Long Beach with an emphasis in Biology Physiology. Dr. Griffiths knew she wanted to become an Optometrist when she first looked through her first pair of prescription glasses at a very young age. She has trained with many eye doctors and has co-managed an array of various ocular health conditions and surgical procedures. Dr. Griffiths’ outside interests includes exploring roller coaster rides, scrap booking, and puzzle games.

Dr. Johnson

Our Front Desk


Jina Chong graduated from the George Washington University with a BS in Biology. Having always been interested in health care and being exposed to her dad’s business in optical equipment from an early age, she aspires a career in optometry. A Korean born and raised in Mexico, Jina is trilingual and recently moved to LA. In her free time, she enjoys going to museums, cooking, collecting tea, and exercising.

Our Interns


Mary Wei is a senior neuroscience student at UCLA, and planning to apply for optometry schools after graduation. She enjoys swimming and loves exploring new cuisines.


Micah is recent graduate from UCLA, with a major in Psychobiology. She hopes to be attend optometry school within the next 2 years and has lifelong goals of becoming an optometrist and professional wedding photographer. In her spare time, she enjoys reading fashion blogs, listening to 90’s r&b, and playing with cameras.



Karen is currently a junior at UCLA majoring in Biology. She was born in China and came to the U.S. when she was fourteen. After undergrad, she is planning to go to medical school or other Biology-related fields. She enjoys watching tv shows in her spare time, with Grey’s anatomy being her favorite one.